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Don't miss these little Koi that will delight your pond!

From April 5, 2021 the new kois tosai, 1 year old, will be available for sale at Koi Lagos de Jardim.
Approximately 2000 new fish with no lack of choice and with all the quality of the best Japanese breeders.

You can find here:
- Small koi with sizes between 10 and 25 cm.
- Kois Jumbo with growth potential and superior quality that have a Certificate of Origin from the Japanese Breeder.

Conditions / Information:
- These Koi will only be available for sale from April 5, 2021.
- At the moment, they are only in the Online Shop to inform about the varieties and prices.
- The photos are exemplary of each lot. The choice is made by unit and not by photo, that is, when you buy, you must indicate the quantity of Koi desired for each batch.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.